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Breeder Information

Heartland Eurasiers

Breeder: Liz Gunderson
First Litter: 2015
Eurasier Breeding Seminar: 2015
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Our dogs

Sundogs Kala Kay Leggocy's Heartland's Elsa Shea Heartland's Alice Jean
Sundogs Kala Kay Leggocy's Heartland's Elsa Shea Heartland's Alice Jean
* 12 May 2009 * 03 June 2012 * 30 March 2015
Sire: Barbarossa von Baden Sire: CH Naku's Django Sire: North River's McGiggles Bruno
Dam: Freska vom Vierwindehaus Dam: Leggocy's Butterfly Kisses Dam: Leggocy's Heartland Elsa Shea
Big Sky┬┤s Axel Razz Heartland's Bailey Bitte Paddock Aesir in the Heartland
Big Sky's Axel Razz Heartland's Bailey Bitte Paddock Aesir in the Heartland
* 5 June 2015 * 20 May 2016 * 28 September 2017
    † 19 January 2019
Sire: Enzo von Casvalon Sire: North River's McGiggles Bruno Sire: NY Eurasier Almighty Zeus
Dam: Pacific Coasts Incredible Inca Dam: Leggocy's Heartland Elsa Shea Dam: Lady Sabrina von Massow-Krummau

Breeder Biography

For the Love of a Breed ...

Back in 1995, I found the Eurasier breed in a book called "Legacy of the Dog". I immediately fell in love with the description of the breed and I knew that someday I would own one of these beautiful creatures. 13 years later of research, reading, admiring, and wishing, my dreams came true when I was blessed with my Kala Kay. She was everything that the Eurasier breed was described to be!

Kind, loyal, playful, silly, laid-back, devoted, fun-loving, gentle .... Kala proved to be a perfect Eurasier specimen and I knew that someday I would want to help preserve and maintain this awesome breed! Fortunately for the breed, the USEC and the US Eurasier breeders hold their standards to the highest measures, making sure all of their dogs are health tested before they are allowed to breed. Unfortunately for Kala, she has low thyroid and wasn't allowed to have puppies.

As every Eurasier owner knows, once you have one Eurasier, you will want another. So, 3 years later, Elsa Shea joined our household. Again, Elsie's infectious smile and fun, sweet personality won me over. I just knew I wanted to carry on this breed, for others to enjoy, just as much as I do! So the health testing began at 2 years of age and Elsie passed all of her health tests. We were clear to have puppies!

Heartland Eurasiers was blessed with their very first litter on March 30, 2015..... 20 years after our Eurasier adventure began. Elsie delivered 4 healthy, darling little girls and our breeding adventure had now begun. For us, the Eurasier is first and foremost our beloved family member. The breeding is just an added plus and passion to do what is best for the overall breed.

Since my first litter in 2015, I have now been blessed with 5 more litters from Elsie, Alice, and Bitte. We have been growing our Eurasier family over the last couple of years and we are hoping to continue to provide the United States with quality, happy, healthy Eurasier puppies!

Being a part of the Eurasier community has been a wonderful experience. I have been very fortunate to have several litters of puppies in the United States, and to have constant guidance and knowledge from other USEC Eurasier breeders and owners, has truly been a blessing. There are so many wonderful Eurasier owners out there, many of them that have become great friends, that I hope to continue to bless others with the same experiences and love that I have known through owning a Eurasier ..... for the Love of the Eurasier!

You can find photos and descriptions of all of my current litters on Facebook at Heartland Eurasiers. Check out Heartland's A, B, C, D, E, and F litter ..... and soon to be our G litter in Spring 2019.

Once Eurasier - Always Eurasier