About the USEC

The United States Eurasier Club, Inc. is a national breed club whose mission is to promote superior quality in the breeding of purebred Eurasiers in the United States. The Club will use its power to bring the Eurasier's natural qualities to perfection by preserving the breed in accordance with the original FCI Standard, and by protecting the welfare of the Eurasier in the spirit of its country of origin.


In October 2005, the USEC had its inaugural meeting, and on June 27, 2006 it was approved by the State of Massachusetts as a non-profit corporation. In August 2007, the USEC obtained tax-exempt status with the IRS as a 501c(7) non-profit organization.


The USEC will work with other clubs to positively impact the development of the Eurasier breed in North America, and will continue to maintain contact with clubs in Germany. The German clubs have, since the time of the Eurasier's creation, provided important guidelines and practices for Eurasier care and breeding that have established vital protections for the development of the breed. The USEC has already obtained much appreciated assistance and support from our friends in Germany.


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