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Breed Standard N° 291

FCI-Standard N° 291



Excerpted and modified from the Federation Cynologique Internationale (F.C.I.) official website.

The Eurasier is of German origin, belongs to the F.C.I.'s classification Group 5 "Spitz and Primitive Types", and is without working trial.

The Eurasier is a balanced, well constructed medium sized dog that comes in varied colors. All colors and color combinations are permitted with the exception of pure white, white patches or liver color.


The  coat is made up of a thick undercoat, and a medium lenght, loosely lying harsh top coat. Muzzle, face, ears, and front of legs display a short coat, while tail, back of front legs (feathers), and back of hint legs (breeches) are covered in long hair. The coat on the neck is slightly longer than on the body without forming a mane.

The balance of the proportions is most important but the ideals to aim for are medium height and weight.


Dogs:     between 20.5" and 23.5" (22.0" medium)

Bitches: between 19.0" and 22.0" (20.5" medium)



Dogs:     50 lbs - 70 lbs (57 lbs medium)

Bitches: 40 lbs - 57 lbs (48 lbs medium)

The Eurasier is a self-assured, calm, even tempered dog with high resistance against any provocation. Watchful and alert without being noisy. Very strongly developed link to his family. Reserved towards strangers without being aggressive. No hunting instinct. For the full development of these qualities, the Eurasian needs constant close domestic contact with his family and understanding, yet consistent training.

For the complete and detailed  F.C.I. Standard N° 291 - Eurasian (Eurasier) please refer to the file that can be downloaded here:




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