Looking for a Eurasier Puppy

You decided on getting a Eurasier puppy

After having read about and discussed different breeds, mulled over pros and cons,

you decided on the Eurasier breed.

Next step is finding that Eurasier pup by finding the right breeder

Please read through our page titled "Selection"

Then contact the USEC to find out when and where puppies will be available.

To keep our Eurasier healthy, happy, and fit to enjoy many wonderful years together, we need to pay attention to several topics from the very beginning on.

Remember!  Your Eurasier may reach an age of 12 to 15 years.

We, the owners, are obliged to a lifetime care of our furry family members.

Your puppy will rock the house

Before bringing your pup home take care of things like (list not complete):

- make your home, garden, and shed puppy safe

- hide electrical cords

- poisenous foods, plants, chemicals, small toys ........ need to go, locked up, or stored high enough for the puppy out of reach

- find a veterinarian

- decide wether or not to go with insurance

- decide where to register your chipped puppy 


- don't forget to register in town 

- find a dog school