MaupMan Eurasiers

TLC Eurasier's Angelic Magdalena


* December 8, 2014

Sire:   Dixon von der Jungfernmühle Berlin

Dam: North River's Lady Isabella

Bajuscha von Mittelerde


* April 16, 2012

Sire:   Chester vom Helenenhof

Dam: Apanachi vom Turm Ilgalar

Classictouch Alexia of Eurasia


* January 30, 2001

† February 12,2010

Sire:   Newton des Chevaloupsgreg

Dam: Phocea de Niou Tchouang

Bellis vom Leineufer


* April 23, 2006

† November 24, 2014

Sire:   Alrik vom Weissen Rain

Dam: Balaika von der Mönkingheide

Breeder:      Monica Winn

Contact @: 

First Litter:                                    2004

Eurasier Breeding Seminar:    2012

Breeder Biography

MaupMan Eurasiers began in 2001 with the addition of our first Eurasier, Classictouch Alexia of Eurasia. Our Eurasiers are named with the prefix, "MaupMan", as a tribute to Maupy who was a Keeshond mix that strongly resembled the Eurasier breed. After his passing in late 2000, we found the Eurasier breed and have been enarmored with them ever since! Classictouch Alexia of Eurasia, Alex, was a wonderful girl. She was the very first Eurasier champion in the United States. She held 3 show championship titles and won several Best in Show placements. In 2006, we added our second Eurasier, Bellis vom Leineufer. Bellis is a full German import from the KZG. In 2012, we were lucky enough to import another female, Bajuscha von Mittelerde (Baji), from Austria. Most recently in 2015, TLC Eurasier's Angelic Magdalena (Layna) joined our family. She's a wonderful intelligent and sweet girl with striking coloring.

Our background is extensively in dog training (both obedience and conformation). We strive to properly socialize all puppies. Pups are raised with constant contact with children and family life. We perform Puppy Temperament Tests at 7 weeks of age in order to assure proper placement of pups with their new families. We also strive to educate our new owners in terms of health, training, feeding, etc. We try to give them everything they would need in order to raise a Eurasier to be a beloved part of their family and we are available for a lifetime of support. Our breeding lines come mainly from Germany and Austria. We strive to select mates that complement our females in order to produce great quality puppies. Temperament is a very important part of our breeding choices. Our females have wonderful dispositions. We try to find males that have the same. Our girls are first and foremost beloved family members. Breeding is secondary, so sometimes there is a wait for pups.

We are strong believers in the fundamentals of The Eurasier Way that stresses the fundamentals of breeding not for profit and for love and improvement of the breed. Monica has dedicated her time and effort to the protection and preservation of the Eurasier breed as a member of the USEC Board of Directors for many years.

Classictouch Alexia of Eurasia
Classictouch Alexia of Eurasia

MaupMan Eurasiers


MaupMan Eurasiers

MaupMan's puppies
MaupMan's puppies

Classictouch Alexia of Eurasia
Classictouch Alexia of Eurasia

MaupMan Eurasiers