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Paddock Way's Burton Olaf

DOB: April 28, 2018
Reg. No.: CKC 1140435
Bred By: Lynne Sullivan
Owned By: Shelley & Heather Carmosino
Sire: NY Eurasiers Almighty Zeus
Dam: Lady Sabrina von Massow-Krummau


OFA Results
Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Patella: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Eyes: CAER Normal
Offspring: 3 litters | Proven Naturally & via Artificial Insemination
Breeding Evaluation:

(burton olaf_1.jpg) Paddock Way's Burton Olaf

Contact & Inquiries

Name: Shelley Carmosino
Location: Colorado, USA

Mobile Phone: 303-475-9177

Paddock Way's Burton Olaf (burton_olaf_2.jpg)

Other Information

Height: 23.5 in.
Weight: 62lbs
Coat Color: Cream Grey


A playful and energetic boy who loves his family. Loves kids. Watchful and alert, reserved towards strangers, very sweet, loves petting, cuddling and will do anything if you call him a good boy.  

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