Health Testing

For more detailed information regarding health testing including acceptable test results for breeding, please consult USEC Policy 1, Breeding Guidelines



Thyroid Testing




Hemolife Thyroid Tests for Eurasiers


Dr. Jean Dodds and Hemolife have generously offered the USEC discounted pricing on several tests. The Test Request Form includes the discounted tests you may choose from and also includes instructions on sample collection and shipping. The USEC encourages thyroid testing through Hemolife as they continue to track results for our breed.

USEC Discounted Hemolife Test Request Form​​


Thyroid Profile 5™

This is the required thyroid test for all breeding USEC Eurasiers (if using Hemolife). This test is also recommended for any Eurasiers, since thyroid is one of the bigger health issues in our breed.

Thyroid Gold Registration & Certificate

This can be ordered with any of the Hemolife Thyroid Profile 5 tests. This is a more comprehensive test than the OFA thyroid certification. This certificate may be viewed as an extra level of assurance to breeders that dogs do not have autoimmune thyroiditis. This is optional.

OFA Thyroid Registry, Expanded Profile

This test will provide the required testing profiles for an OFA thyroid certificate. This is optional.

*Please note that submission instructions are within the Test Request Form. For our international members here are the international shipping instructions.


  • In the US, to be evaluated at the age of 2 years minimum by x-ray. X-rays to be submitted to the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) (www.ofa.org), for evaluation

ELBOWS (Optional)

  • In the US, to be evaluated at the age of 2 years minimum by x-ray. X-rays are required to be submitted to the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for evaluation


  • In the US, to be evaluated any time over the age of 1 year old by manual exam performed by a veterinary professional. Results of the manual exam to be submitted to the OFA (www.ofa.org) for evaluation



  • Testing to be done prior to each mating. Blood test that can be done with any veterinary professional

EB Carrier (Optional)

Dandy Walker Carrier

  • DNA Carrier Testing

Any certified lab is acceptable for this testing

Also available through VetGen - www.vetgen.com