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Shenandoah Eurasiers

Eisenhower von Casvalon "Riker"


Sire:   Colin vom Tal der Raben

Dam: Isabelle-Inegra von Massow-Krummau

Leggocy's Genesis "Genna"


Sire:   Dixon von der Jungfernmühle Berlin

Dam: Albionspitz Ever a Leggocy

Big Sky's Magnificent Azor "Sagan"


Sire:   Enzo von Casvalon

Dam: Pacific Coast's Incredible Inca

Shenandoah's Andromeda "Mia"


Sire:   Harik von der Sulm

Dam: Leggocy's Genesis

Shenandoah's Brilliant Galaxy "Lexie"


Sire:   North River's Lieba Thoven

Dam: Leggocy's Genesis

Shenandoah's Celestial Skye "Freya"


Sire:   NY Eurasiers Balthaczar

Dam: Leggocy's Genesis

Breeder: Lisa Nilson


First Litter: 2016

Eurasier Breeding Seminar: 2015  

Breeder Biography



I have always been a lover of all of the Spitz breeds, having owned a Samoyed, Siberian, and Malamute/wolf hybrid over the past 30 years. I came across the Eurasier in a dog breed book back in 2004, fell in love with the photo, and was eventually lucky enough to get a pup from Canada in 2006.


It was never actually a goal to become a breeder. I simply wanted a dog that could serve in a therapeutic role for struggling family members, as well as be a beloved family pet. I soon discovered, as many have, that for me - one Eurasier is just not enough! This amazing breed is so special, sensitive and intuitive. I went through the difficult process of having to wait for a second puppy - that took a couple of years. Then in 2012, I finally managed to get a second Eurasier, this one a sweet import from Austria. I am so happy with these dogs and the joy they bring to my family.


With owning 2 dogs, I became active in the USEC community, and have served twice on the USEC Board of Directors over the past 7 years. 

Currently I am blessed with 4 amazing Eurasiers. 


With the support and guidance of another Eurasier breeder, I was encouraged to take the next step of sharing the breed. I had my first carefully planned litter June of 2016, and haven’t looked back. Raising Eurasier puppies has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had, and I am thrilled when I find wonderful, loving homes for my puppies. 


I currently HOPE to have 1-2 litters each year over the next few years. Breeding can be challenging, so there is never a guarantee on timing. 


Warm regards, Lisa Nilson, Shenandoah Eurasiers (Northern/Central Virginia)

Once Eurasier - always Eurasier

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