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Code of Ethics

The United States Eurasier Club (USEC) is dedicated to the welfare & preservation of the Eurasier breed in the United States. Our predecessor, the North American Eurasier Committee, consisted of both Canadian and United States Eurasier enthusiasts. In the spirit of that legacy, we are focused on the futurity, health and welfare of Eurasiers. With this in mind, we expect all members to adhere to our code of ethics.

Article I - Purpose

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to set forth standards of conduct to which members of the United States Eurasier Club, Inc. shall adhere as they strive to accomplish the Club's Mission as stated in its Articles of Organization and Bylaws. This Code represents the Club's minimum expectations for ethical practices, and is designed to support the integrity of the Club and to protect and preserve the Eurasier breed in the United States of America. All members in good standing with the USEC have agreed to uphold and abide by the standards set forth in this Code.


Article II - Practices

The following practices are considered to be the minimum standards needed for the welfare of the Eurasier breed in the United States.


  1. act in a manner that supports and promotes the good health and welfare of their own Eurasier(s), and of the Eurasier breed in the United States;

  2. support and abide by the USEC Mission Statement, Articles of Organization and Bylaws, the USEC Code of Ethics and USEC Policies;

  3. recognize and honor the FCI Breed Standard as the only standard of excellence by which the Eurasier shall be bred and judged in the United States;

  4. provide information regarding their Eurasiers' pedigree, health and offspring to the USEC's Database Administrator;

  5. maintain contact with the breeder of their Eurasier(s) and advise him/her of the dog's progress in health and temperament;

  6. make themselves aware of and comply with their state laws regarding the owning, breeding and selling of dogs;

  7. ensure that their Eurasiers live inside the member's household as an integral part of the family; and

  8. ensure that their Eurasiers receive regular veterinary care and proper nutrition, exercise and socialization.

  9. when confronted by a situation not covered by this Code of Ethics, the USEC member conducts themselves in the best interest of the breed and as they would like to be treated in similar circumstances.


  1. keep their Eurasier(s) in an outdoor kennel, yard or away from family members for any extended period of time. Rather, the Eurasier should remain an integral family member and a full participant in family life. Occasional stays at a boarding facility during family vacation or in cases of emergency are an exception;

  2. place, or allow someone else to place, the member's Eurasier(s) in a shelter or pound. If the member is unwilling or unable to care for his or her dog or to provide it with a home and family environment, the member will contact the Eurasier's breeder and/or the USEC for assistance with relocation and placement of the Eurasier(s);

  3. knowingly sell a Eurasier to anyone suspected of using dogs for illegal or immoral purposes (i.e: laboratory use, guarding or fighting);

  4. sell or give a Eurasier to a third-party agent, pet shop, raffle, or auction, or to a health organization or laboratory for the purposes of experimentation; or

  5. condone or participate in any cross breeding of Eurasiers with another breed.


  1. conduct themselves in a manner to reflect credit upon them, the breed and the USEC at shows, at home and when traveling;

  2. display good sportsmanship at all times when participating in dog events;

  3. refrain from false or malicious criticism about a competitor's dog, breeder, owner or judge's decision;

  4. willingly offer novice exhibitors advice, constructive criticism or assistance with problems when requested to do so; and

  5. not knowingly exhibit a Eurasier in conformation events with a condition that renders him/her ineligible for breeding, including defects in health or temperament, or other disqualifying faults as stated in the breed standard.


  1. breed with the goal to produce healthy and temperamentally sound Eurasiers with breed typical physical characteristics and behavior as described in the FCI Standard No. 291;

  2. act primarily in the best interests of their Eurasier(s) to ensure their good health and quality of life. In keeping with the philosophy of hobby breeding, Eurasiers should not be bred as a primary source of income for the breeder;

  3. adhere to the USEC Code of Ethics and to the USEC Policy on Breeding Requirements and the USEC Policy on Minimum Requirements for Raising a Litter;

  4. seek additional input and education as necessary from other persons or clubs who are knowledgeable about Eurasiers and good breeding practices; and

  5. participate in the rescue and/or rehoming efforts of Eurasiers that they have bred.


Article III - Violations

The standards set forth in the USEC Code of Ethics are of sufficient importance that violations, if verified, will result in possible disciplinary action by the Board of Directors. Any violations of this Code should be reported, in writing, to the USEC Board of Directors. Any action taken on established violations will be taken in accordance with the USEC Bylaws.

Notice of any person(s) found to have violated the USEC Code of Ethics may be published on the USEC website for a period to be determined by the USEC Board of Directors. Such notice will identify the USEC member and what action was taken with respect to that member's USEC Membership.


Adopted by the United States Eurasier Club, Inc. upon the recommendation of the USEC Board of Directors and by

a unanimous vote of the USEC Membership present at the first annual meeting of the United States Eurasier Club, Inc.

on this 30th day of September, 2006 in Hanover, Massachusetts.

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