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The United States Eurasier Club (USEC) is an organization dedicated to the high standards of breeding and care established by the Eurasier's country of origin during the last 50 years. We recognize that without the incredible dedication of the originating German Eurasier Clubs and their meticulous recordkeeping, inspection and cooperation from their Eurasier breeders, we would not have the high caliber of dogs we enjoy today. We understand that it may be geographically impossible to maintain all of the same levels of hands-on assistance and review in a country the size of the United States; however, we believe that with close contact and continuing education between owners and breeders of our beloved Eurasier breed, we can continue to maintain the Breed Standard and breeding practices as closely as possible to the German model.


When you become a member of the USEC you will have a hands-on role in contributing to the direction of the club through the power of your votes as well as your participation in special committees and projects.

There are five types of Memberships available for consideration:

  1. Regular Membership: [$25.00 US Dollars/year] Open to United States residents 18 years of age and older. Regular members enjoy all the privileges of the club including the right to one vote and hold office.

  2. Family Membership: [$40.00 US Dollars/year] Open to United States residents. Voting privileges will be granted to maximum of two members of applying family who are age 18 years or older. Same two voting family members are each eligible to hold office. Remaining family members may enjoy all the privileges of the club, be considered club members, and may be listed on the Family Membership Certificate granted by Membership Secretary.

  3. Lifetime Membership: [$350.00 US Dollars] open to United States residents 18 years of age and older. A Lifetime member may vote and may hold office. A Lifetime member does not pay dues after payment of the initial Lifetime Membership fee.

  4. International Membership: [$10 US Dollars/year] open to individuals residing outside of the United States, age 18 years or older. International members do not have voting rights, and may not hold office.

  5. Honorary Membership: [$0.00] This membership may be granted by unanimous vote of the USEC Board to those persons who have demonstrated significant contribution and commitment to the development and welfare of the Eurasier. Honorary members who are residents of the United States shall not be required to pay dues, but are entitled to vote and hold office.

Note: You are paying an initial membership fee with this application. You will be required to pay dues on or before March 1 annually thereafter. If you have any questions related to the application process, please don't hesitate to contact

Application to Join

Membership Benefits:

  • Quarterly Newsletter

  • Members Only Resources

  • Annual Events & Meetings

  • Health & Breed Education

  • Voting Rights

  • Fun!

Members are voted on & approved by the board. This is a dues paying club, and payment is due upon approval of the board. We'll be in touch as soon as possible!

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