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Database & Affilliations

The history of the Eurasier breed is a special one. This breed was very carefully developed and is still being bred under the watchful guidance of the individual Eurasier clubs in its country of origin, Germany. 

As the national breed club for the Eurasier in the United States, the USEC agrees that supporting healthy breeding programs is absolutely essential for maintaining and furthering the exceptional qualities of the breed. Keeping accurate records of our Eurasiers' health and temperament is of utmost importance in assisting us to this end. Therefore, the USEC is collecting data on the health and temperament of Eurasiers in the United States. This data will be extremely valuable for USEC members who wish to breed their Eurasiers. The information, when included in an international database of the IFEZ, will help guide breeders in picking the best mate for their breeding and therefore result in a greater success rate for producing healthy Eurasier puppies for our families.


The International Federation For Eurasier Breeding - World Association (IFEZ) is an alliance of Eurasier clubs whose members feel a special obligation to ensure the welfare of the Eurasier breed. It is one important association uniting as many Eurasier clubs as possible that dedicate themselves to breeding Eurasiers on a high standard under observation of strict rules. One of the most important features of the IFEZ is that the individual clubs contribute data of Eurasiers bred within their clubs to the IFEZ database, creating the greatest possible pool of information concerning health and behavior of the dogs. This data is used in modern breeding programs for the assessment of the health, conformation and temperament of individual Eurasiers and the desirability of planned breedings.


As our club would like to ensure that we also do the best we can to keep the Eurasier breed as healthy as it still is, we need to collect as much information as we can on all Eurasiers born or located within the United States of America in our database. The more information we have on our individual dogs and their offspring, the greater the possibility to identify hereditary diseases in certain lines and improve the likelihood of breeding healthy Eurasiers. The data will at some point in time be shared with the IFEZ, and may also be shared in some manner with the Eurasier Club of Canada and USEC breeders.


The healthy future of our breed depends on a strong and reliable source of information on the breeding stock in our country. We can't do it without you! When you record your Eurasier's health information with the USEC Database, you are playing a vital role in creating this positive future for our breed. If you are willing to help us to keep our records up to date and assist by giving us your Eurasier data, please contact our database administrator. They will email you a brief questionnaire that you may complete. We thank you for your participation.

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