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Board of Directors

The general management of the United States Eurasier Club's affairs is conducted by a Board of five Directors, all of whom must be members in good standing with the USEC and all of whom are residents of the United States. The Directors named in the USEC's Articles of Organization as the first Board of Directors held office until the first annual meeting of the USEC members on September 30, 2006. At that time, election results were announced. The replacement of the Board of Directors was staggered as provided in the USEC bylaws. All Director positions elected on a going-forward basis be held for terms of three years. In accordance with the USEC bylaws, the President and Vice President of the USEC must be Directors.

To reach all Directors of the USEC, please use our centralized email address

For information on Eurasier rescue in the United States, or to provide information on Eurasiers in need, please contact Jackie Murtha at

Current BOD - October 2022 - 2023

Wendy Schuyler

USEC President
International Relations/IFEZ

Kelsey Keefe

Communications Coordinator

AKC Liaison

Jackie Murtha

Rescue Coordinator

Jeannie Tran

USEC Vice President
Breeding Coordinator

Elaine Tsang

Social Media Manager
Events Coordinator

Tanya Brady

USEC Secretary

Liz Gunderson

Membership Secretary


From time to time, USEC may take volunteers from the membership to sit on issue committees.
These volunteers assist the board in making decisions and their dedication & commitment is appreciated!

Breeding Committee

Committee Members

  • Liz Gunderson

  • Jackie Murtha

  • Lisa Nilson

  • Sarah Paddock

  • Maureen Schwarz

  • Lynne Sullivan

As the club has grown, we have moved away from having an individual breeding coordinator to a board appointed subcommittee. The breeding committee's goal is to research each planned pairing or breeding of dogs: this includes researching pedigrees for known health issues, assessing their conformation, and assisting new breeders as mentors. The board presents their reports to the board, and the board directors vote based on the information they are given.

Breeders should reach out to as they begin to plan their upcoming litter(s).

Pursuing AKC: Breed Standard & Policies Review

Committee Members

  • Kelsey Keefe

  • Jeannie Tran

This committee is in development & actively seeking volunteers.

  1. AKC Pros & Cons: Continued Research & Investigations

  2. AKC Breed Standard : Adapting from the FCI standard. Writing & Assessment.

  3. AKC ByLaws : Review & Suggest Updates to BOD

  4. Membership & Judging Education


Please email if you're interested! We hope to have 3-5 members. Open to all with a wish to learn, but particularly those with a working understanding of dog conformation & breed handling. 

Committee members should be available for 1-2 hours a week, communications will be done via Facebook Group and/or email.

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