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Eurasier Rescue

An important responsibility of ethical breeders is to do their part to assure that any dog they have bred always has a safe and happy home where they are loved. USEC Breeders have a clause in all of their contracts to take back any Eurasier puppy, however situations may arise where a dog is lost, or a death occurs, long-term illness, or other life-changing circumstances that could lead to a dog needing to be found a home. Whether in the absence of breeder support, or in conjunction with the breeder, USEC offers a rescue service to assure that when a Eurasier finds themselves in difficult circumstances, that dog's needs are addressed and a new home is found.


Funding of our Rescue Service assures that a Eurasier in need has access to transportation to new homes, behavioral assessments and veterinary care as needed. It is with your help that when the rare occasion does come about where a Eurasier needs assistance, USEC is ready and able to offer our support.

Interested in rescuing a Eurasier, should one become available?
Looking for resources to assist a Eurasier in need?

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Eurasier Rescue Service

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