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Eurasier Breeders

The Eurasier breeders listed on the individual pages are all USEC breeders in good standing.

All of our USEC breeders must complete the club required health examinations for any Eurasier that is used for breeding. This includes:

  • Hip Certification

  • Patella Examination

  • Eye Examination (CAER)

  • Dentition Database (OFA)

  • Thyroid Examination (full panel + TgAA)

  • Dandy Walker DNA carrier test

  • EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) DNA carrier test

  • Brucellosis Test (between pairings)

  • The breeding dogs must be in good health and possess an excellent temperament.


Hip certification should be done at two years of age and Patella certification at the age of one year. DNA carrier tests can be conducted at any age and only need to be done once in a Eurasier's lifetime. Thyroid and Eye examinations should be updated within one year of each mating.

All breeders must raise their puppies within the family. The Eurasiers that are used for breeding are all family dogs, as are the puppies which are part of the breeder's family from the very start. This is the key in the development of the wonderful Eurasier temperament. Any dogs that are retired from breeding stay within the family of the breeders.

Several of the breeders have participated and completed a breeding seminar conducted by the German Eurasier Clubs of Origin (EKW, ZG and KZG) as indicated on the individual breeder's page and many had their dogs evaluated by breeding officials of one of the above German clubs. In 2015, the USEC conducted its first breeding seminar. Successful member completion is listed on the individual breeder's and stud pages.

Breeders may not breed for commercial purposes but for the maintenance and improvement of the breed. Breeders only plan litters if enough new owner prospects are on their waiting list which ensures that every puppy will have a new qualified home when born.

Inactive Breeders

The following breeders are still members of the United States Eurasier Club and maintain their membership in good standing, but do not have any active plans to breed.

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