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Certificate of Merit Holders

Special Acknowledgement

We commend the efforts of the dogs & humans alike who have, in conformation and performance sports, exhibited their Eurasiers with the American Kennel Club. This page serves as a special acknowledgment for these dogs, as their successes speak not only to their own merits as individual dogs but to the dedication of their owners and breeders. Their promotion of the breed through exhibition and performance sports speaks volumes about the steady, adaptable & good natured temperament of the Eurasier.

The journey to full recognition with the American Kennel Club requires that a minimum of ten dogs belonging to members of the designated parent club complete their Certificate of Merit. The Certificate of Merit (CM) is more or less the equivalent to an AKC Championship for FSS & Miscellaneous Class breeds.


It granted when a dog has earned 15 cumulative points in AKC Conformation Events (either AKC Open Shows or Beginner Puppy, depending upon the dog's age and eligibility). The Certificate of Merit 2 is granted at 30 Points, CM3 at 45, and so on. Points are awarded for Best of Breed wins, Group 1 wins, and Best in Open Show wins.

Albionspitz Topaz CM "Brit"

Owner: Penny LaFleche (Timberspitz Eurasiers)
Breeder: Stacey Watkins (GB)

DOB: June 26, 2014

Sex: Female
Sire: Grey Von Der Tomberg (DE)

Dam: Albionspitz Rogue (GB)


  • AKC First Of Breed - Eurasier

  • First USEC CM Holder (1/19/19)

Braxena Apple Rhubarb CM3 CGCA CGCU TKI ATT VHMA "Rhu"

Owner: Kelsey Keefe (Gestalt Eurasiers)
Breeder: Rhiannon Solem (Braxena Eurasiers)

DOB: January 22, 2019

Sex: Female
Sire: Bel-Ami von der Traunseebahn (AUT)

Dam: Albionspitz Braxee Cari (GB)


  • Second USEC CM holder (3/16/2023)

  • First Certificate of Merit 2 (6/11/2023)

  • First Certificate of Merit 3 (5/11/2024)


Owner: Jeannie Tran (Kizuna Eurasiers)
Breeder: Karla Erikson (Sundog Eurasiers) (CA)

DOB: April 15, 2017

Sex: Female

Sire: CH Albionspitz Zephyr (GB)

Dam: GCH Leiionspitz Cheerful Xzottzie (SE)

  • Third USEC CM Holder (4/2023)

AKC Performance Champions

Special Acknowledgement

The American Kennel Club allows dogs who are recorded with the Foundation Stock Service to participate in all Performance Sports. As a companion breed who is adaptable, eager to play games with their people, and who thrives on positive reinforcement, seeing a Eurasier excel with their handler is particularly special as it is the bond with their owner that is first and foremost on display.

MACH PACH Everendeavor Ghost of Fenrir RA MXB MJS MXP3 MXPB MJPB PAX OF CGC TKP "Fenrir"

Owner: Lindsey Ezzo
Breeder: Nancy Horne (Everendeavor Eurasiers) (CA)

DOB: May 13, 2014

Sex: Male

Sire: CH T'Horus des Legendes de Retz (FR)

Dam: EverEndeavor Buena's Promise (CA)

  • First Prefix Title in Breed

  • First MACH in Breed

  • First PACH in Breed



Has your dog been awarded either a Certificate of Merit or a Championship in any AKC Performance Sport? Email to be featured here.

If you are a United States Eurasier Club member, remember that any AKC Title is celebrated in our quarterly newsletter, so please share! We do our best to follow along with all of your journeys, but we'd love photos!

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