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Braxena Eurasiers

Maquin's Beautiful Lady Lena

Maquin's Beautiful Lady Lena

Sire:   Dombo vom Königshaus

Dam: Farley-Maple vom Krusenbusch

Albionspitz Braxee Cari

Albionspitz Braxee Cari

Sire:   Albionspitz Kato

Dam: Albionspitz Bedazzed

Breeder: Rhiannon Solem



First Litter: 2019

Eurasier Breeding Seminar: 2015

Breeder Biography

Our Eurasier journey began in 2006 when my husband and I started looking for a breed of dog that fit our lifestyle. We started in alphabetical order of all dog breeds. We worked our way through the list until we came to "Eurasier". We both had things that we wanted in a dog and this breed fit both of our lists perfectly to a T! After reading and researching further, the only bad thing was that there weren't any close breeders. We waited 2 years to bring home the love of our life Lena in 2008. I flew to Nova Scotia Canada from Southern California to pick her up. An 8000 mile round trip. We were both smitten and fell in love with her immediately.

Then in 2015 our search began again to add a second dog-daughter to our family. In 2016 we brought Braxee home from the UK. She is very energetic, playful, silly, goofy, curious, extremely friendly to all people and animals, and loves water (she began swimming in our pool on her own at 13.5 weeks old!). She has passed all her health checks and we are getting ready for our first litter in 2019.

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