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Kizuna Eurasiers

Sundogs Ocean Lili


Sire: Albionspitz Zephyr

Dam: Leiionspitz Cheerful Xzottzie

Breeder: Kizuna Eurasiers


First Litter: 2021

Eurasier Breeding Seminar: 2021

Breeder Biography

Kizuna Eurasiers is the hobby and passion project of its founder, Jeannie. It all started with Lili, my first Eurasier and first dog. In an effort to ensure that Lili was living an enriched life as my companion, we took a lot of pet dog classes in her first few years. A friend in the Eurasier community invited us to attend a conformation show, and from there, we started trying out all sorts of performance sports, for the sake of making sure my dogs have a good life with me.

After a lot of consideration, time spent studying the breed standard, dog conformation and structure, understanding breed health and health lineages, I decided to enter the world of breeding. And thus, here we are. Thank you for taking the time to consider us and our program.

My goal is to raise and breed dogs that are sound in health, temperament, and structure. I strive towards the ultimate companion dog, versatile in different sports and activities, but always open to a chill day at home. 

Kizuna (絆) is the Japanese word for “bonds” or “human ties”.

At Kizuna Eurasiers, it encompasses not only the relationships we have built with our dogs, but also all ties we have formed with many wonderful people because of our dogs.

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