North River Eurasiers

Mercedes von der Wolfsangel


* May 23, 2012

Sire:   Jacomo des Legendes de Retz

Dam: Kimba von der Wolfsangel

Bree-Bente vom Tayemoor


* July 23, 2008

Sire:   Ayk von den Innersten Auen

Dam: Arisha vom Wolfsmeer

Haley von der Wolfsangel


* November 28, 2003

Sire:   Le-Flash von der kleinen Blaike

Dam: Bash-Wolfsangel vom Kapellenberg

North River's Baroness Lilian


* February 23, 2002

Sire:   Aladin vom Tal der Raben

Dam: Kieristinga Wanda

Fearless Jaxson vom Vierwindehaus


* June 19, 2005

Sire:   Abou vom Dahner Felsenland

Dam: Famira vom Rheinblick

Breeder:      Jackie Murtha

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First Litter:                                     2001

Eurasier Breeding Seminar:  

Breeder Biography

I was the first breeder in the US to have a registered litter of Eurasiers.


I was looking for a companion breed that could go to work with me, was calm with my clients and not get in the way. I did my research and I kept coming back to the Eurasier breed. There were no breeders in the US and I found one in Canada and brought home my first Eurasier back in 1995. Tiffany was the best dog, so wonderful I decided to breed. I needed a male and imported a male from Austria named Otto. He was a special dog, so handsome and confident. Unfortunately, Tiffany got sick and could not produce any puppies so I imported a female from Luxembourg named Wanda. Wanda was the boss, everyone respected her yet she was so sweet and gentle. I finally had my first litter with Wanda and Otto in 2001. Soon I imported another female from Germany named Britta and she was lovable and very loyal to me. She too became a mother a few years after my first. I then kept a female from one of my litters and she is named Lily. Quite large for a female but a very likable, friendly girl. I also imported another female from Germany named Haley. What a cuddly, loyal, sweet girl she is and a fine looking Eurasier to the standard. She so happens to be the USEC logo girl! Tragically around the same time, Tiffany and Otto died young the same year. My next male I imported was Jaxson who has fathered quite a few litters. Very confident and quite handsome. Bree was my next import, a tri-colored girl with a lot of energy! She certainly keeps me young. And finally, my newest import is Mercedes. A light red female, very sweet and very active! An energetic girl like Bree, so they do manage to tire themselves out!


My pastime and passion is this breed. I am a board member of the USEC and also the Rescue coordinator. I have had many Annual Meetings at my home and have often had gatherings here too of Eurasiers with the many friends I have made.


My litters are born and raised within my home and the puppies are well socialized when they leave here!

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