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OnceNAlways Eurasiers

TLC Eurasiers All Ways Zenzi


Sire:   Dixon von der Jungfernmühle Berlin

Dam: North River's Lady Isabella

Albionspitz Cedric  "Otto"

Albionspitz Cedric "Otto"

Sire:   Albionspitz Spirit Warrior

Dam: Invidus Arenea

Breeder: Maureen Schwarz



First Litter:  2018

Eurasier Breeding Seminar: 2015

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Breeder Biography

There are people who love dogs and there are people who cannot live without dogs in their homes. I am the latter. I have always had a dog in my life, including sneaking one into my college dorm (not recommended, by the way).


The addition of my first Eurasier, Otto, in my life was literally life changing. He is an amazing dog, companion, soul mate. I couldn't imagine life without him and neither could my family.


Seriously, it was Otto that made me want to return to higher education (I already had a master's degree) to study dog behavior and learning. My journey with him has made me a better dog owner and, frankly, a better person. Such is the impact of the Eurasier breed on the person!

I was fortunate to welcome Zenzi to the pack about two years after Otto. She is extremely soft, sensitive, and silly! It didn't take canine behavior training to realize that she should be bred on. Not only did she pass all the health tests with flying colors, she has a great disposition and is a beautiful representation of the breed.

Zen was an amazing mother. And all of my years of living with dogs, combined with the formal training and education that Otto inspired me to, made us the perfect team to create really great puppies - nature and nurture, genetics and environment, a partnership between dog and human. What a gift it has been and what a feeling to share that gift by placing the puppies in the best homes with the best humans possible. Truly awesome!


Although I had no intention when I bred Zen to keep any of the puppies, Akela was a standout and I thought it would be easier for Zen to have one of her puppies stay with us. So, here I am, with 3 beautiful Eurasiers!


As the saying goes,

Once Eurasier - Always Eurasier

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