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Snow Magic Eurasiers

Breeder: Snowy

Location: Georgia
Eurasier Breeding Seminar: 2022
First Litter: 2022
Number of Litters: 1 as of July, 2023

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Sex: Female
DOB: October 26, 2017

Sire: Bel-Ami Von Der Traunseebahn

Dam: Pacific Coast's Incredible Inca
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Snow Magic's Autumn Storm  "Storm"

Sex: Female
DOB: December 3, 2022

Sire: Sundog's Ocean Akuma

Dam: Big Sky's Sky
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Breeding Prospect Pending Health Results

Breeder Biography

Hi! My name is Snowy and I was blessed with my first Eurasier in 2017. I’ve always loved spitz type dogs. I had a Pomerian as a child and two rescues as an adult, an American Eskimo and Keeshond. Historically, most spitz type dogs were bred for working purposes but I wanted a medium-sized spitz that was purposefully bred for companionship, which is what the Germans quintessentially accomplished with the Eurasier. My first Eurasier, my Sky, is my perfect dog and my constant companion. She’s smart, goofy, trustworthy, and I am truly lucky to be a part of the Eurasier breed.

My love for Eurasiers made me want to contribute to help the breed thrive in the US. With a focus on temperament, health, and preservation, I bred my first litter in 2022. I raised my litter using Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Puppy Culture protocols, and it fills my soul with absolute joy to watch my puppies grow into their best selves as beloved members of their families. I hope to continue to be given the opportunity to contribute towards the growth and betterment of the breed.

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