Southwind Eurasiers

fka/ Williwaw Ridge Eurasiers

Heartland's Aurora Borealis "Rory"


* March 30, 2015

Sire:   North River's McGiggles Bruno

Dam: Leggocy's Heartland's Elsa Shea

Breeder:      Kateri Swears

Contact @: 

First Litter:                                    2009

Eurasier Breeding Seminar:    2011

Breeder Biography

We discovered the Eurasier breed in 2004 when we retired from the military and bought a home on some acreage. Having determined that the setting and time was finally right, we needed to get a dog. While doing a lot of research and meeting a lot of dogs, we happened upon a website of rare sled dog breeds which included the Eurasier. We got lucky because not only was there a breeder within 80 miles, he was expecting a litter. Kashwitna Danika joined our family early in 2005, and we have never looked back.


Both the sire and dam of the Kashwitna line were straight from Germany, very early imports to North America. Sadly, none of Danika's siblings had been bred, which meant that the Kashwitna genes could be lost. We wanted to help Eurasiers thrive in North America and maybe to continue Danika's line, so we joined the Eurasier community, learned about the "Eurasier Way", and bred Danika twice under the kennel name Williwaw Ridge. Now that we've moved to Kansa, we've rebranded our name to Southwind. Heartland's Aurora Borealis "Rory" has had one litter in 2018, and is expecting another in the late Summer of 2020.


Our dogs are foremost our family. They will be with us whether we breed them or not. We do not breed often, but if we breed, our major concern is continuing the tradition of only breeding dogs that pass their health checks. We keep the breed standard in mind and work to maintain it. We raise our puppies with love and care in our home, and work to find them the best famiies possible.

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