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Sundogs Ocean Akuma

DOB: Sundogs Ocean Akuma
Reg. No.: CKC ED700340
Bred By: Karla J. Erickson (Can.)
Owned By: John T. Skarr & Michele Wilson-Skarr
Sire: Can. CH Albionspitz Zephyr
Dam: Can. GCH Leiionspitz Cheerful Xzottzie


OFA Results
Hips: Good
Patella: Normal
Thyroid: Normal (2022)
Eyes: CAER Normal (w/ Breeder Option A3 distichiasis)
DW Carrier: Clear via parentage
EB Carrier: Clear via parentage
Offspring: 3 | Proven Naturally
Breeding Evaluation:

(akuma_2.jpg) Sundogs Ocean Akuma

Contact & Inquiries

Name: John T. Skarr & Michele Wilson-Skarr
Location: Florida, USA

Mobile Phone: 508-523-5521

(akuma_1.jpg) Sundogs Ocean Akuma

Other Information

Height: 24in
Weight: 54lbs
Coat Color: Red Cream
Color Genetics


With our family Akuma is extremely calm, gentle, affectionate, loyal and playful. With small children Akuma is at first cautious, then affectionate, gentle and tolerant. Akuma enjoys meeting other people, who like his friendly manner and calm temperament. When meeting other dogs, Akuma is cautious, but once he determines they are friendly, he becomes accepting and playful. Akuma adapts well to new places by being inquisitive and exploring his new environment.

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