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Timberspitz Eurasiers

Timberspitz SomethingRoyal "Rio"


Sire:   Albionspitz Zephyr

Dam: Silmoralbion's Evita

Silmoralbion's Tears of Pearl "Nola"


Sire:   Albionspitz Tyler

Dam: Caromarda Tumble and Twirl

Breeder: Timberspitz Eurasiers



First Litter: 2019

Litter Log | Post 2023

Eurasier Breeding Seminar: 2016

Breeder Biography

Nearly 60 years ago, my father brought home a Keeshond puppy, starting my life long love affair with spitz breed dogs. In 2005 we began showing our dogs and became hooked on all forms of dog sports. We still participate regularly in conformation and obedience with our Eurasiers and Keeshonden. Over the years we have owned many Kees, and Eskies, but it was not until 2014 that we welcomed our very first Eurasier. We had been interested in this breed for many years, and finally after what seemed like forever, we got our girl Brit. One look at that adorable girl and we were hooked on the breed, and soon Chena and Nola joined us..


Under the guidance of the USEC and with support of Eurasier breeders in the U.S. and Canada, we successfully whelped our first litter of 8 perfect little Eurasiers in 2019! It has been so rewarding to see how happy the new owners are to be able to add these little fur balls of love to their families. We kept one puppy from the litter for ourselves, Timberspitz SomethingRoyal (Rio.) We are looking forward to having litters from Rio and Nola in the coming years!

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