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Gestalt Eurasiers

Breeder: Kelsey Keefe

Location: Massachusetts
Eurasier Breeding Seminar: 2023
First Litter: 2023
Litter Log | Post 2023
Number of Litters: 1 as of December 2023


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Hi there. I'm Kelsey, and I live in Massachusetts with my two Eurasiers-- Rhubarb & Amaryllis-- and two color point cats, Juniper and Clover. What I like in my cats-- Velcro tendencies, loud and extremely social-- are more or less the opposite of what I look for in dogs: I like quiet, present but not physically attached to me dogs who enjoy adventure but aren't climbing up the walls every day if we aren't out on a miles long trek through the wilds. 

Professionally, once upon a time I collected a bachelor's degree in Art History & Crafts (Weaving/Textiles) but since 2010 I've had a career in IT as a co-owner of a small business with focuses on cyber security & networking as well as walk-in device repair for small electronics. In 2019 I brought home my first Eurasier, Rhu, and later that year joined the board of the United States Eurasier Club as the Clerk-- a non-voting officer position with mostly, well, clerical duties-- a perfect beginner’s seat to learn from... but further proof I cannot have a casual relationship with a burgeoning hobby. Simultaneously, between training my puppy, beginning to attend performance and conformation events, and eventually stepping to a Directors position for the USEC in 2021 as the Communications Coordinator my life has become very dog focused. Pity those who knew me in the before-times. 

As of 2024, I am the Communications Coordinator, and AKC Liasion, and participate in as a chair for the AKC Committee for the US Eurasier Club. I also primarily made a majority of the new USEC website which launched in early 2023, transitioned our internal email system over to Google Workspace and generally I've continued to make an effort to keep the club contemporary and secure. As a director my prime efforts are focused on membership engagement & inclusion as well as the long-term goal of AKC recognition for the breed, something which will come with time.

Insofar as breeding itself is concerned, my prerogatives are linked the kennel name itself: Gestalt is a word of German origin  which means the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. In the arts and particularly graphic design, Gestalt is the concept of visual elements (shape, value, line, proximity, et cetera) that when separated are meaningless but combined they create a final form that is more effective and successful.

In conversations about dogs the (idealistic) goal of breeding is that you are


Sex: Female
COO: United States
DOB: January 22, 2019

Sire: Albionspitz Braxee Cari

Dam: Bel-Ami von der Traunseebahn

Gestalt First Things First Amaryllis VHMP*

Sex: Female
COO: United States
DOB: December 29, 2023

Sire: Naku's Major Dutch Shaefer

Dam: Albionspitz Braxee Cari

trying to exemplify the dog's conformation to the breed standard, so the actual appearance of your dog; temperament, matching both the breed standard itself, but also being a nice, companionable pet; and health: a well mannered dog who is the conformational ideal means very little when the animal is unhealthy and unable to function. There is, too, a working ability, and the animal’s drive and work-ethic, but to me this often falls under temperament, and for Eurasier in particular they are a companion breed so their primary function is to be the ideal family pet.

The trifecta of health, conformation and temperament all being in alignment are the determining factors when it comes to deciding if an adult dog should but more than that I feel an intense responsibility to the puppies, the dogs they will grow to be, and the families who love them.  It's almost trite to say it's a labor of love, because of course it is, but it's also a decision to take on the responsibility for the dogs we produce for their entire lifetime. It's a relationship with their families, and prioritizing those relationships that we forge through breeding between humans & puppies alike. 
The goal of any breeder is to produce healthy, emotionally resilient and stable puppies who will delight their families for all of their lives. To be a part in that is an honor: every dog should be that dog that is remembered and loved for all their little quirks and idiosyncrasies, but further than that the investment a breeder makes in the emotional and physical wellbeing of the puppies they produce is a tremendous privilege. I adore the people I've met through my dog, and knowing they play a part in her life (and she in theirs) is incredibly special.

I utilize positive reinforcement training techniques, cooperative care, and fundamentally believe that aversive methodologies are outdated & unnecessary. Eurasiers are easy, congenial dogs whose temperaments are shown to the best advantage when you encourage them to be themselves & play with you. I'm possibly the biggest fan of Puppy Culture, Rhu-- our foundation gal-- was raised with PC and I'm so happy to have a second generation of Puppy Culture dogs underfoot. I also utilize components of Avidog & at eight weeks have a CARAT (Suzanne Clothier) temperament test.

Currently I have two Eurasiers; Amaryllis (Rylli) is an up and coming puppy who will be playing Show Dog with me & dabbling in some regular training classes as well as sports as she matures. At 4.5 months old she took home her first Best in Open Show against a lovely group of mature dogs, and I'm so excited for the future we'll share together. Her mother, Rhubarb, is the highest pointed Eurasier under AKC with her CM3. She's charming, well-balanced, and fun, and just the light of my life. 

If you have any questions, feel free to poke around my kennel's website for more information, or reach out with any additional questions.

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