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USEC Policy No. 3

USEC has set forth a series of policies to which we hold our member breeders, members and Board of Directors accountable.

Establishment of USEC Policies

The Board of Directors of the United States Eurasier Club, Inc. hereby adopts the following policy regarding creation and establishment of USEC Policies:

  1. A proposed policy shall be submitted to the USEC Board for study and evaluation prior to being submitted to the Board for action.

  2. The Board shall submit proposed new and revised policy statements and policy statement waivers to the Secretary of the USEC (hereinafter "Secretary") for placement on a future agenda for Board action.

  3. A policy shall be effective immediately upon approval of the Board at a regular meeting, unless otherwise stipulated.

  4. If a policy statement has external application that clearly and directly affects the substantive rights of USEC members or individuals outside the USEC when enforced, the policy shall be drafted, noticed and adopted as follows:

  1. A policy statement may be proposed to the Board at any time by any member of the USEC.

  2. A proposed policy statement shall be submitted to the Board for study and evaluation.

  3. The Secretary or designee shall report to the Board a summary of the proposed policy statement.

  4. The Board may direct the Secretary or designee to hold informal consultation meetings with persons who proposed or who may be affected by a proposed policy statement to identify specific areas of agreement, disagreement and compromise.

  5. The Board may schedule a public hearing at the USEC annual membership meeting, emergency meeting or other membership meetings concerning the proposed policy statement. The Secretary or designee shall publish notice of the meeting at least sixty days prior to the meeting date.

  6. During the notice period and prior to any scheduled final action by the Board, any person may communicate in writing to the Board concerning the proposed policy statement. The final action taken on the policy statement by the Board shall be based upon consideration of the information submitted in writing and at any meeting on the matter.

  7. The meeting on the proposed policy statement may be held before the Board at a regular or special USEC membership meeting.

  8. A meeting record shall be kept by the USEC Secretary in the form of a written summary.

  9. The Board may take any action it deems appropriate. After the Board has taken action, unless the Board has directed otherwise the Board shall not entertain further comments from any persons concerning the proposed policy statement.

  10. When the Board adopts the proposed policy statement, with whatever revisions the Board deems appropriate, the policy statement shall be filed with the USEC Clerk as soon as practicable. It shall also be published on the USEC website or on an alternative site dedicated to USEC members.

  11. The USEC Secretary shall develop procedures by which Board policies, resolutions and policy statements are reviewed for applicability on a regular basis.

  12. USEC policies, resolutions and policy statements shall be issued to the membership for review and comments six months prior to the fifth anniversary of the effective date. After that review and comment period has expired, Board policies, resolutions and policy statements and administrative directives may be revised or reissued with a new effective date.

Adopted by the Board of Directors, United States Eurasier Club, Inc.,

on this 19th day of February 2008.

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