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USEC Policy No. 6

USEC has set forth a series of policies to which we hold our member breeders, members and Board of Directors accountable.

Disciplinary Measures

To help ensure the integrity of the Eurasier breed in the United States according to the FCIstandard, breeders are strongly urged to abide by the breeding policy of the USEC, Inc. and obtainconstructive input into the desirability of a breeding by the Board.The Board will give a detailed explanation should the breeding not be considered desirable.Any non-compliance may result in penalties for the breeder.If an originally proposed breeding takes place despite the Board’s unanimous advice against it, the USEC will:

  • A. Not announce the breeding or the birth of the litter in the USEC Quarterly Newsletter.

  • B. Not refer any potential owners for this litter to the breeder (including the removal of the link on the USEC website). 

Depending on the severity of the act of non-compliance or for repetitive infractions further penalties might be imposed at the discretion of the Board which might include:

  • A. Removal from the USEC approved breeder list for one year and removal of any links for the breeder from the USEC website (first infraction).

  • B. Removal from the USEC approved breeder list for two years and removal of any links for the breeder from the USEC website (second infraction).

  • C. Temporary or Permanent suspension of the membership (third infraction)

Reinstatement of the breeder’s name on the approved breeder list and on the website may be requested by the breeder after the time-frame of the disciplinary action is over.

Based on the nature of the infraction, a reinstatement may require a statement of compliance with certain criteria as, e.g., statements of removing certain dogs from the breeding stock. Once the member Breeder has satisfied the Board’s requirements, the Breeder’s status will be reinstated.

This Policy No. 6-Disciplinary Measures, was adopted by the Board of Directors of
the United States Eurasier Club, Inc., on the 17th day of March 2012.

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